Our Story

Fusion Church began as an idea many years ago. From other pastors and leaders dreaming up a worship service on the DWU campus to conversations in 2009 to do something new, a desire was clearly present for a new kind of church in Mitchell, SD. It has been said there is no more powerful idea than one whose time had come; 2011 was the time for Fusion Church.

A leadership team was put together to pray and dream and plan; monthly worship began September of 2011. 80 people gathered for each of those monthly worship services proving there was a need in the community. Weekly worship began September of 2012 and Fusion began to grow. More than 150 people now worship weekly as Fusion Church in the awesome space of the DWU Sherman Center.

We seek to create a place where those who have never felt comfortable in church can feel welcomed, be encouraged to ask the tough questions, and to be okay with doubt and faith living together.

Our Values

We try to be the church for others by living out our values together:

Ancient & Modern

The Christian faith is a faith rooted in history. It is also one that has meaning in our lives today. We strive to be a church that recognizes and celebrates the beauty of the roots of our faith while expressing our faith in the language of today. Because of this, we celebrate ancient truths in new ways that allow us to meaningfully engage with the work of God in our world.

Personal & Social

To follow Jesus means to do personal things like prayer and meditation and Scripture reading but it also means we serve others and go to help those who are hurting.

Church & University

As a movement residing at a university, we think it is one of the best places to try new ideas, experiment with different ways to experience God and to reach out to a population that is further distancing itself from the church.